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Developer: Magic Tavern, Inc.
Category: Puzzle, Casual
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Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure!

Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay:
Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos!
Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story
Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations!

Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?

Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style.
Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor.
Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride!

Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

More ways to learn about the Matchington Mansion jigsaw puzzle game:
or search @Matchington Mansion to follow us.

Version history

Mar 9, 2023
For many, spring is a time of new beginnings. For Tiffany, it's a time of new furniture! Come and help her renovate the mansion with some new pastel decorations and celebrate the end of winter!
-New Room: Go Kart Part 5
-New Themed Season:Spring Cleaning
-Fixed Known Bugs
Feb 23, 2023
Jack starts his most difficult project yet- how to tell Tiffany his feelings! Join him and Glow as they relay an ancient Japanese myth to Tiffany before all the peach blossoms fall off of the trees!
- New Room: Go Kart P4
- New Themed Season: Panda Paradise
- New Event: Japanese Mansion
- Fixed known bugs
Feb 7, 2023
Who is that hiding in the bamboo? A new visitor has shown up at the mansion searching for tasty treats. Join Tiffany and the gang in welcoming him to his new home!
- New Room: Go-karts P3
- New Themed Season: The Panda Season
- Fixed known bugs
Jan 28, 2023
Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, whether romantic, friendly, or familial. Jack’s ready to show his love for Tiffany with a dreamy garden and fairytale lake. Come and create your perfect Valentine’s Day getaway!

- New Room: Go-karts Part 2
- New Decoration Event: Valentine’s Day Garden
- New Themed Season: Swan Lake
- Fixed known bugs
Jan 3, 2023
Dec 20, 2022
It’s a New Year, and Tiffany’s friends are ready for a new journey! Can Jones and Jack make it through the mist to get back home to their friends in time for the celebration?

- New Room: Water Park Part 4
- New Event: Lunar Celebration
- New Event: The Misty New Year
- Fixed known bugs
Dec 2, 2022
Tiffany loves the cozy holiday season. Join her during the Yuletide Bazaar and help her open up the perfect festive market for all of her friends!

- New Room: Water Park Part 3
- New Event: Yuletide Bazaar
- Fixed known bugs
Nov 17, 2022
The newest upgraded furniture comes with a new friend! Adopt an adorable snow-loving puppy in the upcoming event, Pre-furred Delivery!
- New Room: Water Park P2
- New Feature: Pre-furred Delivery
- Fixed known bugs
Nov 1, 2022
An anomaly is detected back in the Undersea Lab! What's causing it, and what will it mean for the future of the newest room on the cruise ship: the Water Park!
- New Room: Water Park P1
- New Themed Season: Rink Rivalry
- New Event Coming Soon: Parisian Autumn
- Fixed known bugs
Oct 18, 2022
Anne has a sea tale to spin! How is she connected to Rover’s Haven and what will her story reveal about the port? Join her and the others to find out and finish decorating the final part of the arboretum!
- New Room: Arboretum P4
- New Themed Season: Rink Rivalry
- Fixed known bugs
Sep 27, 2022
It’s time to enjoy a Spooky Soiree with your friends at the mansion! The most spooktacular time of the year is almost here, so get ready for bootiful decorations and fun guests!
- New Room: Arboretum P3
- New Themed Season: Spooktober
- New Event: Spooky Soiree
- Fixed known bugs
Sep 9, 2022
Set a course to Rover’s Haven, the latest port! Join Tiffany and the crew as they clean up the Arboretum and uncover new mysteries.
- New Room: Arboretum P2
- Fixed known bugs
Aug 25, 2022
There’s an entire arboretum on your cruise ship! Good thing Tiffany and Jia are here to help. Is there something else blooming in the arboretum besides the flowers? Could it be Jia and Bosworth’s relationship?
- New Room: Arboretum P1
- New Themed Season: Tropical Tunes
- New Event: Masquerade Parade
- Fixed known bugs
Aug 12, 2022
Time’s running out! Can Tiffany help cure Ravi of his curse and finish decorating the dining hall before her date? She sure can with your help!
- New Room: Dining Hall Part 4
- Fixed known bugs
Jul 26, 2022
Things are heating up in the dining hall as Tiffany prepares for her blind date with Jack. Will she finally win Jack’s heart, or will he be distracted by his own puns?
- New Room: Dining Hall Part 3
- New Themed Season: Playground
- New Limited-Time Room: Jungle House
- Fixed known bugs
Jul 11, 2022
What can you see through the mists? Is it an ancient city, or maybe a mysterious new character to sweep Tiffany off her feet! Discover the Misty City and unravel the secrets of Jones’ past.
- New Room: Dining Hall Part 2
- New Feature: The Misty City
- Fixed known bugs
Jun 28, 2022
Coming soon! The latest themed season, Ancient Secrets, is almost here! Unlock some historic new designs and bring furniture inspired by Tiffany’s latest adventures to your mansion.
- New Room: Dining Hall Part 1
- New Event: Jungle Adventure
- New Themed Season: Ancient Secrets
- New Limited Time Room: Pier Fun!
- Fixed known bugs
Jun 10, 2022
Everyone deserves a break. Unfortunately, Anne has no idea how to relax! It’s up to Tiffany to show her how to chill out while styling the theater’s glamorous private box. Can she get it done while also helping Edna with the island ceremony?
- New Room: Theater Part 7
- Fixed known bugs
May 24, 2022
It’s Matchington’s Birthday, and we want to celebrate with you! Get ready for new events and a special story just for our anniversary! In the meantime, head over to the cruise ship to help Tiffany design the theater gift shop!

- New Room: Theater Part 6
- New Themed Season: 5th Anniversary
- New Event: Anniversary-themed Memoir
- Fixed known bugs
It’s Matchington’s Birthday, and we want to celebrate with you! Get ready for new events and a special story just for our anniversary! In the meantime, head over to the cruise ship to help Tiffany design the theater gift shop!

- New Room: Theater Part 6
- New Themed Season: 5th Anniversary
- New Event: Anniversary-themed Memoir
- Fixed known bugs
May 10, 2022
Gadget’s been acting a little strange lately. Does it have something to do with the latest room? Help Tiffany design the Arcade to find out! Meanwhile, get ready to bring the music home with the decorating event, Rock Show!

- New Room: Theater Part 5
- New Decoration Event - Rock Show
- Fixed known bugs
April 22, 2022
Are you ready to fall in love with the Rock Show? Your mansion will have it all, from awesome guitar riffs to epic pyrotechnics! But, the show doesn’t end there. Once you’ve set up your music festival, join Tiffany and Anne in the theater to help her decorate the best seats in the house!

- New Room: Theater Part 4
- New Themed Season: Music Festival
- New Decoration Event - Rock Show
-Fixed known bugs
April 7, 2022
We’ve got some tea to share! Join us during the limited-time room, Spring Tea Party to decorate a magical room. Then, meet up with Tiffany, Anne, and Edna on the new island of Mauga Mu! They’ve been hard at work on the cruise ship and are ready to stretch their legs exploring Mauga Mu.

- New Room: Theater Part 3
- New Limited Time Room - Spring Tea Party
- New Cruise Map - Mauga Mu
- Fixed known bugs
March 22, 2022
Spring is in full bloom at the mansion! Hop on in to enjoy the upcoming event, Spring Forest, and the new themed season, Spring Style. Then, join Tiffany on the cruise ship and help her design the most delicious snack counter Marie’s ever seen! There are fifty new levels are waiting for you to solve!

- New Room: Theater Part 2
- 50 New Levels!
- New Decoration Event: Spring Forest
- New Themed Season: Spring Style
- Fixed known bugs
March 7, 2022
Get ready to put on a show! It’s time to decorate the Theater! Tiffany’s enlisted the help of Bosworth and Marie, but will an old, mysterious curse put an end to their decorating efforts? Find out as you play through 56 new exciting levels!

- New Room: Theater Part 1
- 55 New Levels!
- New Bingo Event
-Fixed known bugs
February 22, 2022
Hello World! A new friend is waiting for you at the mansion! EMM-E is here to play and share the latest technology. Join her and help to decorate the new limited-time room, Tech Town! Enjoy 54 new levels and help Tiffany solve the mystery on the final part of the bridge.

- New Room: Bridge Part 2
- 54 New Levels!
- New Themed Season: Cyberpet
- New Limited-time room: Tech Town
- Fixed known bugs
January 27, 2022
Tiffany’s ready to decorate the bridge, but what will happen when Anne uncovers a spooky secret? Is it a ghost pirate, or is something else going on? There’s only one way to find out! Meanwhile, turn your mansion into a romantic paradise during the new event, Valentine Charm! Play 50 of our most puzzling levels yet!

- New Room: Bridge Part 1
- 50 New Levels!
- New Decoration Event: Valentine Charm
- Fixed known bugs
January 12, 2022
It’s the grand finale of the VIP Cabin! It’s a race to see which design team can create the best master bedroom. Will it be the dynamic duo of Tiffany and Jack, or will Rex and Anne’s teamwork surprise everyone? With 65 new levels and a new themed season, this update has a lot to fall in love with!

- New Room: VIP Cabin Part 4
- 65 New Levels!
- New Event: The Matchington Derby
- New Themed Season: Sweethearts
- Fixed known bugs
December 21, 2021
Lights, camera, FASHION! The new Dress Up Event, Pink Chic, is about to begin! Join Tiffany in a brand new story and unlock three new outfits along the way. Your journey on your cruise ship continues in the VIP Cabin. Will you be able to decorate your outdoor paradise while avoiding Rex’s tricks? Check out the new events and play 50 new exciting levels!

- New Room: VIP Cabin Part3
- 50 New Levels!
- New Dress Up Event: Pink Chic
- New Limited Time Room: Daydream Castle
- Fixed known bugs
December 6, 2021
Sometimes they say, “all work, no play,” but Tiffany and Glow would disagree! Take on the challenge of designing the VIP Cabin and make a study worthy of a Captain! There are 50 new levels to play and more!

-New Room: VIP Cabin Part 2
- 50 New Levels!
-Fixed known bugs
November 22, 2021
The festivities await! Decorate your mansion during the upcoming Themed Season, Festive Foyer, and get into the spirit of the holidays during the event, Santa’s Workshop. Then, hop back onto your Cruise Ship and into the VIP Cabin! Fifty new levels are waiting for you!

- New Room: VIP Cabin Part 1
- 50 New Levels!
- New Decorating Event: Santa’s Workshop
- New Themed Season: Festive Foyer
- New Bingo Event
- Fixed known bugs
November 5, 2021
It’s time for apple picking and playing in autumn leaves. The Thanksgiving Farm and Black Friday Sale are coming soon! Join Tiffany in the Undersea Lab and challenge yourself with 57 new levels!

- New Room: Undersea Lab P3
- 57 New Levels!
- New Limited-Time Room: Thanksgiving Farm
- New Event: Black Friday Sale
- Fixed known bugs
November 5, 2021
Alpaca bag to get our newest friend for the mansion! Get ready to meet Rosa in the new themed season, Sunny Alpaca. There are 59 new levels to rock, too, so come check on your mansion!

-New Room: Undersea Lab P2
- 59 New Levels!
- New themed season: Sunny Alpaca
- New Deocation Event: Rockin’ Vinyl
-Fixed known bugs

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