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Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger Hack - Mod Apk 1.23.0

Developer: AppQuantum
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Over 2 Million users all over the globe are competing in gold mining with us! We created a perfect idle tycoon world for all of you.

Join the world of idle miner games! You will enjoy smooth gameplay and amazing graphics. Build your strategy and use the merge mechanics to increase your progress.

Take part in special weekly events, they will make your casual idle mine much more fun! Make gold and compete with high-level goblins in finding all the keys. Drill to the core of the gold mine and discover a deep dungeon to get to the hidden gems.

What makes idle stone miner Gold and Goblins special?

BUILD 💪 mineshafts and goblin cannons to help the Goblins rebuild their fortune

MERGE ✨ goblins to power them up and create an idle army

MINE ⛏ rocks to find treasure and enjoy the gold rush

UNLOCK 🔑 new mineshaft to boost your gold income on the way to idle mining tycoon title

EXPLORE 🌎 tons of mines and win gold in this amazing 3D stone miner simulator

COLLECT 💫 cards and upgrade your mineshafts and goblins. There are tons of cards and special abilities to find in the role of idle pickcrafter.

Gold and Goblins: Idle Miner brings the best of both Tycoon Merge and Make Gold games into one amazing new experience! Don’t miss the chance to become an idle game tycoon of the goldmine. Dig down, get rich and find your way to earn upgrading your level. Make gold in this incremental idle game!

FEATURES of one of the most exciting mining simulator and merge game

🔸Collect idle gold, even when offline
🔸Over 60 unique mines to explore
🔸Complete in limited time events against other players
🔸Collect all kinds of cards upgrades to become an idle miner tycoon digging for gold
🔸Beautiful 3D environments to explore
🔸Merge games mechanics to become even more powerful

Gold and Goblins: Stone Miner is an exciting mining clicker game of the drill mining genre. It’s not just a casual idle tapping but a unique mining simulator that brings a fresh perspective.

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Any problems or suggestions for our gold miner journey?

Feel free to send a message about Gold and Goblins merge games:

Version history

Dec 6, 2022
- New Mines 96 - 100!
- Multiple quality of life changes and improvements.
Nov 14, 2022
- New long Christmas event!
- Improvements to events’ leaderboards to ensure a fair competition;
- Various corrections and upgrades to improve the game’s stability;
- Improvements to game saves;
- Fixed minor issues.
Sep 29, 2022
"The update you've been waiting for!
NEW MINES! Mines 90 - 95 are waiting for you! The journey continues!
New Alexandrite Mineshaft and cards;
Something spooky is coming... May it be New Long Halloween Event?
Optimizations for improved performance on various devices;
Improvements to Anti-Cheat;
Various improvements to weekend events."
Aug 31, 2022
"- Adjustments to the cheater detection for fair competition!
- Better onboarding experience for our new players.
- Smoother performance on bigger range of devices.
- Multiple quality of life changes and improvements!"
Aug 2, 2022
"A little update after a huge event!

- New Mines 86 - 89!
- Local notifications fix;
- Great tutorial improvements;
- Many inconvenient bugs fixed."
Jul 27, 2022
A little update after a huge event!

- New Mines 86 - 89!
- Local notifications fix;
- Great tutorial improvements;
- Many inconvenient bugs fixed.
May 20, 2022
Fixed an issue causing the tutorial to break.
April 26, 2022
-Improved touch and drag detection for various devices
-Fixed the window for 'No more mines'
-Fix for Goblins getting stuck outside of the game area in some cases
-NEW: Turkish localization added
-Fix for crashes that occur when starting the app back up from sleep
April 8, 2022
NEW: Mines 80-85 to explore
NEW: Easter Event starting April 14th!
NEW: Ruby mineshaft available from Mine 80
Updated Localizations
Minor bug fixes
March 23, 2022
New technical patch with important preparations.

- Technical adjustments for the new event timers based on the local timezone. (coming in April!);
- Technical adjustments for the new unique event type (also coming in April!);
- Multiple bug fixes.
March 3, 2022
A technical patch is out, don't forget to update your game!

- Multiple graphic optimizations to improve performance;
- Localization fixes and cleanup;
- Multiple other fixes;

And stay tuned! We're preparing important and long-awaited changes to the events system!
January 19, 2022
A fresh Update arrives with the new goals and opportunities!

New in the game:
- Now we have Achievements! Take a challenge and prove yourself worthy both in the main mines and events!

Technical improvements:
- Improved leaderboards stability.
- Fixed frequent issues with account links and cloud saves.
- Various minor fixes.
December 20, 2021
Fix for ad service causing issues for some players.
December 11, 2021
Fresh technical update with the new mines and multiple fixes!

- Deeper to the mines - levels 73-75 have unlocked!
- Added new support tool and FAQ for better assistance
- Fixed the issue of sound settings breaking for Bluetooth headphones
- Сritical fixes and improvements for the game’s overall stability.

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